About Mediation and Assessment Services

Kelly Mediation and Assessment Services is a dedicated team of compassionate individuals who understand how stressful the legal process can be for individuals and families who are undergoing Mediation Services or the Foster Care Assessment Process. This is why we work hard to offer comprehensive mediation services on both business and family fronts.

Our Promise To You

As a dedicated team with extensive experience in Child Protection, Mediation and Out-Of-Home Care, we work diligently to provide your desired result. We work with you to determine which services are best suited to your individual circumstances and continue to provide support and information throughout the entire process. 
We know how emotionally-charged meetings can be when there are children or families involved, and this is where our compassionate team excels. We’re ready to guide you through the entire Assessment or Mediation process, including conflict resolution. Our goal is to help you come to an agreement that everyone can live with while having as little stress as possible.
You can get in touch to find out more or if you have questions regarding our services.

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