Separating? When making the difficult decision to undergo Divorce or Separation, mediation helps you and your former partner to make arrangements regarding your future.

We work online Australia-wide and Face to Face in Northern NSW, from Newcastle to the Queensland Border, inland Northern NSW and Central West NSW.

General information about Separating in Australia is available here.

Divorce or Separation

Parenting Plans for Separating Couples

When going through a separation or divorce, mediation can assist you to develop a Parenting Plan.

A parenting plan can include many things, such as:

  1. Time spent with each parent
  2. Arrangements for picking up and dropping off children (known as ‘changeover’)
  3. Communication in the Future
  4. Health and Education Issues
  5. Discipline Strategies
  6. Alcohol and Drug Use
  7. New Partners
We also offer Child-Inclusive Mediation. For more information click here.

Financial Settlements Following Divorce

Financial Settlements decide the division of property after a finalised divorce and includes conversations about:

1.    What to do with any property

2.    Division of other assets – eg cars,  equipment

3.    Superannuation arrangements.

There are no rules on what can be discussed. Mediation is a guided conversation to help you move from an intimate relationship to one of co-parenting.