Foster Care Assessment

What We Do

Ensuring that a child has a safe place to go in the foster care system is of the utmost importance to our team.

We screen potential carers to ensure they’re capable of providing for the unique needs of the children that come into their homes.

We provide foster care assessment, guardianship assessment and general kinship assessments

How It Works

We assess potential carers to ensure that they can meet the significant challenges of caring for children in care.

Our assessors are fully ‘Step by Step’ trained (the accepted foster care training program in Australia).

We focus on being trauma-informed.

Children in care deserve the best carers – they deserve to be placed in a significantly better position than where they were removed from.

Our assessors ensure that the focus is on the attitude of potential carers to ensure the following:

  1. An ability to create an atmosphere of lightness and interest even when children are facing difficult situations.
  2. An understanding of acceptance of children and their varied backgrounds.
  3. An interest in children’s feelings, thoughts and beliefs and understanding why the child behaves in a particular way.
  4. A concern for the child’s experience.
  5. How a potential carer will interact with the birth family of the child.
  6. Ensuring that carers understand that permanency planning is paramount and that restoration to the family is much more prominent than it once was.


Our assessments include Carer Reviews, General Foster Care Assessments, Kinship/Relative Care Assessments and Guardianship Care Assessments.

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