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How much does family mediation cost in Australia?

How much does family mediation cost in Australia?

How much does family mediation cost in Australia?’

Family mediation costs can vary in Australia.

This depends on who’s providing the service.

The cost of mediation also depends on other factors.

Such as where you’re currently at in resolving your dispute and the type of dispute.

Kelly Mediation and Assessment Services fees for family mediation:

$800 per party to develop a parenting plan.

$900 for property settlement. We use a specialised computer program that is VERY comprehensive.

If parties require both parenting and property, we do this over two days, with the parenting plan first.

We charge $1500 per party in that instance. This is a saving of $100.

Who pays for family mediation costs? 

Both parties pay their share of family mediation.

Generally, each party pays half the cost of the mediation.

Other arrangements can be agreed by the parties or ordered by the Court.

If there is an issue of financial hardship, some mediation providers will consider requests for a reduction of the mediation fee.

This needs to be discussed with the mediation provider at the time of arranging mediation.

Note that some mediation providers apply a specific means test to determine fee reduction.

Supreme Court of NSW

Not sure if you should go to court? Learn more about mediation vs court here.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process where two or more people come together to resolve a dispute. 

At Kelly Mediation and Assessment Services, mediators prepare each party in one session before the mediation takes place. 

The mediator then invites each party to have a respectful conversation with each other (in the presence of the mediator) to see if resolutions can be made.

Need help with mediation?

Our mediators can assist you in many ways.

Please contact us to get started.

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