Mediation Services

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where two or more people come together to resolve a dispute. 

At Kelly Mediation and Assessment Services, mediators prepare each party in one session before the mediation takes place. 

The mediator then invites each party to have a respectful conversation with each other (in the presence of the mediator) to see if resolutions can be made.

Mediation Services

We make sure that this is focussed on children.

We know that when a relationship ends it is difficult for everyone, but we focus on the changed relationship from an adult, intimate relationship to that of a co-parenting one. 

We understand that kids need both their parents. 

We help each person to build up a level of trust in the other to make sure that the kids are in the centre and that each child’s needs are met by each parent.

We recognise that workplaces are complex, with a huge variety of different personalities and issues to be resolved.

Sometimes a stumbling block gets in the way of everyday decisions being made.

We can assist by working through these issues and assisting the workplace to be more productive again.

Mediation can assist in resolving an issue that is affecting businesses move forward.

Kelly Mediation and Assessment Services can assist your business to get back ‘on track’.

Disputes can often ruin a friendship, family relationship or other association. We can assist you in your relationships with others to ensure that ‘that one big issue’ is satisfactorily resolved so your relationship survives.

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